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Originally Posted by 95blkmax View Post
Yea I know, I just didnt want to get into a technical convo regarding that here when the majority of people here are scared of anything other than a plug-n-play tuning medium (like a SharkInjector lol). On my 3.5 swap I had actually upped to fuel pressure to a constant 55psi in order to do more correction via the AFC (I remember at 4500 I was already at about -27% IIRC). Running an OBD2 scanner program, I saw gains of ignition timing around that RPM of just about 5-6*. So yes Im aware of this indirect timing changes that can happen with tuning via MAF. . Im sure this engine could use some of it as well.

One step at a time, but maybe around summer time I'll be doing this. Right now I need to upgrade my phone/plan, gym membership, and also starting to save up for tuition, as I'll be getting back into school this summer .

Do you happen to have a before and after dyno comparison of this swap on your car? Just wondering.

Phones are overrated, you can get special gym membership rates if you go to the Y, and are a student. I understand school is important, because I'm a student too, awesome to see your priorities are in check.

No before and after dyno yet, but I'm working on that.
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