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@newtuner: Thanks for the DIY. I am undertaking another project that involves removing the intake manifold and I decided to go ahead and replace the starter while I am in there--98k on original starter. I could only find a reman Bosch one. I think I'll hang onto my original one too for back up and maybe rebuild. I can send it back for $83 core + shipping though. My original one and replacement are from the same OE maker, Bosch.

When you removed yours, you said you removed it without removing the manifold all from underneath your car? How did you deal with the alignment pin? Even with all the access I had (I still had to remove the fuel filter cover and use an E12, a universal, and a 10" extension for the side torx bolt. From the top since I had access, I used a E12 box wrench. However, that alignment pin was a pita. I used a screwdriver to try and pry it and finally got it to off after a few tries. It was in tight and I noticed it was rusted. I think when I reinstall everything, I'll sand it a bit and put some anti-seize on it.

If I had all this trouble, I have been wondering how you dealt with the alignment pin and all from below.
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