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My Ride: 2002 330i sedan step
16:9 with BM53 + Parrot CK3000 Evolution + Connects2 CTPPAR008 = SUCCESS!

Thanks very much to Delmarco for his great work here.

After a great deal of research I eventually decided that I needed the 40-pin Connects2 kit for my car, as I have a Feb 2002 (South African) built 330i, RHD (Australia delivery), with:

- 16:9 board monitor widescreen in the dash
- BM53 Becker radio unit in the boot (trunk for the 'Northerners')
- Analogue TV tuner
- 6-CD changer
- NO sat nav

So, I took the plunge and ordered off eBay:
- Connects2 CTPPAR008 (50 pounds plus postage)
- Parrot CK3000 Evolution (2nd hand, A$86 delivered)

The good news is the research was good, and the 40-pin Connects2 was what I needed - so I now have working Bluetooth for under A$250 - BMW wanted A$1200+ for the retrofit, so I told them what they could do with that...

Here is a step-by-step for you - sorry no vids or pics as I'm not as technical-like as Delmarco, but PM me if you get stuck and I will try and help as best I can.

As usual, no warranty implied or offered - follow at your own risk...

- Components listed above
- Screwdrivers
- 5m 1/8-inch mono plug to 1/8-inch mono socket extension lead for Microphone (I bought wire and plug/socket to make my own)
- Isopropyl alcohol (or similar) to clean mounting surfaces
- Double-sided adhesive tape
- Adhesive cloth tape (to wrap around connectors preventing rattling)
- Stiff wire (eg. old wire coatchanger)
- 8mm socket/ratchet (spanner will do)

1) Disconnect vehicle battery (10mm spanner required)
2) Remove boot/trunk floor carpet and board
3) Remove L/H tail light bulb holder and then L/H inner trim from boot/trunk (where CD changer lives) - one clip on top, two clips at rear of back seat (I recommend reaching behind and holding on to the backs of these as they are loose and can fall behind and get lost!)
4) Undo single 8mm bolt to remove TV tuner box - can leave plugged in if you wish, just leave it on a side carefully
5) Undo single 8mm bolt to remove BM53 radio unit
6) Disconnect black antenna cable from BM53 by squeezing in at rear and pulling out
7) Disconnect 40-pin block connector from BM53 by lifting lever to disengage and pulling out
8) Undo 4 x 8mm bolts to remove storage tray (or Sat Nav unit) from under CD changer - this will give you more room to run wires
9) Run Connects2 loom (with 40-pin connectors) behind black radio/TV bracket so that 'Car Side' (male) goes into gap between bracket and rear suspension tower, and 'Radio side' (female) goes into area where BM53 goes
10) Separate the smaller 12-pin connectors from the (original BMW) 40-pin connector by squeezing each at the top and pulling out - note the position of each - on my car, (looking at the rear of the 40-pin connector, the white 12-pin was on the left, and the black 12-pin was on the right)
11) Carefully run 40-pin female (original BMW) connector into area between bracket and suspension tower - you can then connect this to the male Connects2 connector from step 9.
12) Insert the 12-pin connectors into their respective positions on the Connects2 (female) connector - make sure you have the locking lever DOWN before you do!
13) Connect the Connects2 (female) connector to the BM53 (remembering to lock in the locking lever), and the antenna cable and bolt it back into the car
14) Re-fit TV tuner unit
15) Use adhesive cloth tape to wrap around the male-female 40-pin connectors between the black bracket and suspension tower to stop them rattling
16) Use isopropyl alcohol to gently clean top of CD changer and underside of Connects2 and Parrot boxes - as they will be mounted here
17) Apply strips of double-sided adhesive tape to underside of Parrot and Connects2 boxes and mount them on top of CD changer with Connects2 towards front of car and Parrot towards rear of car, with the Parrot connectors facing the rear of the car
18) Connect the Connects2 wiring looms to Connects2 and Parrot boxes
19) Connect Parrot controls (knob plus red/green buttons) to Parrot box - just leave it dangling for now
20) Plug 1/8-inch microphone extension lead into Parrot box and run cable behind black bracket, following car wiring loom to rear of back seat.
21) Go inside car and remove seat cushion of rear seat by levering up from front edge
22) Use the stiff wire/coathanger bent into gentle curve, tape the mic extension wire to the end with electrical tape (or similar) and gently poke it downwards through the rubber grommet in the rear bulkhead (behind the rear seat) as far as you can - BE CAREFUL NOT TO POKE IT THROUGH THE SEATBACK!!!
23) Go back inside the car and carefully lift up the rear seat backrest to reach underneath and pull through the wire.
24) once through, remove the tape and pull the stiff wire/coathanger back out through the boot/trunk
25) Start running the mic extension lead towards the dashboard by carefully lifting the plastic lower door sill panels and tucking in the lead.
26) Remove sunroof control switch trim. If you have the blank spot for microphone, secure it there. If not, clip the Parrot microphone to the front edge of the headlining near the rear view mirror, angle it slightly towards the driver
27) Carefully pull away the black door weather rubber/velvet strip along the A-pillar from the roof down to the floor
28) Carefully run the mic cable along the front edge of the headlining and down along the A-pillar toward the underside of the dashboard
29) Remove the black plastic dashboard under-panel by undoing the screws
30) Connect the mic extension lead to the mic plug and tie up the excess cable so it can be tucked away under there neatly and safely


31) Reconnect the vehicle battery and test the system, making sure the steering controls work as they should. You will lose radio presets, trip computer and trip meter settings, but car customisation options are preserved. No need to enter in any radio codes (Follow Parrot instructions for pairing, setting up words etc.)
32) On the board monitor display, you will now see the 'Telephone' option on the main menu - this will stay 'on' for a few seconds after you turn on the radio, but will then 'grey out' - apparently this is normal, as the board monitor recognises the handsfree, but can't control it.
33) If all OK, reassemble everything and you now have 'integrated bluetooth'!
34) When reassembling boot/trunk trim, make sure you pull the Parrot hand controller through the acccess flap for the CD changer - I used double-sided tape to secure it to the bottom plastic strip (near where the flap folds down), towards the rear of the car. This still allows you to close the flap and 'hide' the hand control until it is needed)


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