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Originally Posted by newtuner View Post
I wonder if some people are bending the pin when taking out the old one??? Taking the fuel filter cover and the vacuum part (small black barrel shaped part) I had a lot of room to work in. I don't know if this is very different from a manual tranny. I did have to use the 4 extensions to get around the tranny and remove the lower bolt.
I don't know if mine got bent--I think it did not because after I was able to get part of the screw driver in there, I turned it slowly while pulling the starter out and I felt it side out. I just thought I would sand it and also anti-seize it a bit so I have no problems getting the reman one back in. I did have to move the vacuum reservoir (the black barrel thing below the starter) out of the way--also to replace the hose that runs from it to the intake manifold (an '01 with 98k, and the rubber hose has I was trying to pull it from the manifold, it came apart in my hands).

The picture that you have with all the extensions--was it to get to the top bolt? I have an automatic transmission...I noticed the cooling pipe from the trans cooler was in the way and I still cannot figure out how you got to that tippy top bolt and how could you even see. I was hard enough getting to it from the top with the manifold removed.
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