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[QUOTE=325ci GreekMan;11405655]So I bought the car on Friday. Its a 2008 535i black saphire metallic color. It has 73000 miles on it. I traded in my 2002 325ci which had 107000 miles on it. I got the 535 for $28000 and they gave me $8000 for my car. The 535i is fully loaded with every option and i love the car. The problem is the push start started having issues a couple days ago it wouldnt start right up it would take a few seconds then start. Second, the car will jerk forward if im at a complete stop and then let go of the brake it will do this somtimes not always.

Tonight i was driving the car and the engine light came on and said engine malfunction reduced power. i did get an extended 3 year warranty on the car and im supposed to bring it in tomorrow to have it all checked out and fixed but now im worried and dont know if i should give it back or even if i can give it back or get something else. These cars have so much crap on them im scared it will continue to have problems. Any advice?[/ i would see if they would take it back and put 100% of the money you spent into another car because it sounds like it is a lemon
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