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My Ride: 2002 BMW 330i
i bought my 02 330 certified series way back which came with 5 days return policy. Anyway the day i was suppose to pick up my car, i noticed the windshield was chipped from stone and the trunk was slighly scratched. so I told them i want these fixed and the sale person said no problem and as the manager was not in, call him and bring it back in a day or two. day or two went by and i called the manger and told the story, and he said, how would he know if i didn't do it myself. I explained to him that i showed it to sales guy and he wrote it in the papers for dealership. he was trying to dodge the problem with BS. so i drove the car for 4 days and on 5th day i drove to dealership and asked for manager, and they said he is not in but the sales guy was. so walked up to him and handed him the keys and said I am returning the car as per your certified series satisfaction. he asked why? and i said your manager is an idiot and I want my money back. 2 min later, manager was on the phone with me and resolved all the issues and was kissing my ass.
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