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Hmm, intruiging. Don't mean to sound like a noob, but how would it cool the tranny better then an electric one?

Originally Posted by alibusoul View Post
What you have to understand is cars are used in all kinds of different climates. They used a mechanical fan in autos because they probably thought that, although it was overkill for someone living in Wisconsin, it would barely keep up on a 120 degree day in the arizona desert. Also what needs to be taken into consideration is that fan isnt only helping cool your engine, its also cooling your auto tranny, which runs at higher temps... this is what is scary.

I've got an auto and I've ran no mechanical fan with no electric fan (just the puller fan in front of the car) in the Texas summer on 105 degree+ days, and have had no engine overheating for almost a year now without my mech. fan. Whether it be stop and go, highway, or idle, I never had a problem... I'm not worried about my engine, its my tranny that I'm worried about. The reason kpeng had a prob is because he's boooosted.

But I'm so glad someone fiiiinally decided to just hook up an oem electric fan to see if it worked, I cant believe it took us this long to figure it out! lol
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