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The only thing I can think of is you somehow pull out the lemon law on them or whatever, providing they are a dealership... you might have a foot to stand on because of the whole "you just brought it and now all this crap has happened to it" but thats only going to be if they can't fit the problem.

You might might might (almost 100% unlikely and if you do you'll probably have to cover all the costs involved) be able to trade it for that 335i but in all honesty do you really want to? It sucks that you're already having second thoughts about the car but the 535i is a great car with the twin turbo, the E60 is a very good model, and most of the people posting about it on here don't know what they're talking about. Don't get frightened off, if you think you got a good deal then thats all that matters. The dealership is going to be footing the bill for all the repairs for the next couple of years, and in all honesty that should be all that matters. You will probably be able to move the car later down the line for some decent coin as long as you don't put another 100k on it until then. They have to fix all your issues or you can take it back, but you can't just take it back.

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