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that was a pretty decent commercial. Audi taking a stab at ferrari is just stupid though and they should forfeit the crack pipe. I think some of these comments are hilarious. For one Audi doesn't handle better then BMW. I'm sorry their all wheel drive, although one of the best and they are pioneers of is not exactly race tuned. Ive driven a couple and they have too much noticeable under steer. And to the maintenance, yes BMW's blow subframe mounts but its generally from abuse, Audi's love to blow transmissions. I know shop oners, audi fanatics and personal friends who have gone through tranny's an audi's. Currently my friends dad is on number three, and he doesn't beat the car. Audi's auto's are okay tho. As far as being a better daily driver I can believe that, having awd is nice, I believe they are quiet and that their radio is hella loud and newer audi interior>newer bimmer interior. Older bimmer interior>older audi tho.
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