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Originally Posted by NickG@TechniqueTuning View Post
I'm sure BMW put both the electric pusher and mechanical puller fans on the automatic equipped cars for good reason (they're not in the business of wasting money). But when we modify our cars, sometimes compromises have to be made. When installing an intercooler into an automatic equipped car, the front electric pusher fan needs to be removed for clearance. This is what we do with the Technique Tuning turbo kits for automatic cars (and replace the mechanical puller fan with a factory electric puller fan).

I have monitored the transmission and radiator temps with both configurations: stock cooling (puller and pusher) and modified cooling (just electric puller). The temperatures have been similar. Likewise, I've monitored the transmission temps with the turbo kit installed, and they were still normal.

In 99% of the cars, this mod will work with no ill effects. Sure, the possibility exists for higher transmission temps, but I haven't encountered them yet.
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