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I agree with ///Flash, i also notice that the M3s manual and SMG have 2 fans also.
I think the machanical fan because of its placement and design, covers a wider area of the actual radiator, that mean, the bottom end where the tranny cooler is, will be effectively covered by the machanical fans cooling area.
The electrical fan, from what i remember is smaller than the mechanical ones, and does not cover the bottom corners of the radiator (tanny cooler section)

Based on what Nick has said, it seems its a case of overkill on BMWs part, which apprently isnt that much overkill since the fukers still **** themselves.
If anyone is worried about the tranny not being cooled properly with the electrical fan, an auxilary tranny cooler can be added. they can be bought fairly cheap top very expensive. My 6th Gen V6 accord had a similar rep as BMW auto boxes, and i did this to it, and that car is still running with the original transmission.

I think the M3s and autos can safely run electric fans, but as guys have said, its being done by BMW for a reason.
Now the question is, are the E90s and 1 series still using mechanical fans, do they have aux fans? Nick and Ken are both in humid muggy Florida, and running boosted cars, so i think if it works for them, the rest of you will be fine.
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