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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
so you just run cheap gas in your ride right? reg unleaded won;t cause knock... bmw suggest 93 any more info that i could gain on this subject? info i'm seeking would not be in your own words maybe a web page link etc? etc? i'm gonna run 110/93 50/50 mix today i'll let ya know if i FEEL any difference. thanks for your input
I never, ever use any cheap gas! BP Ultimate or Shell V-power is all I EVER put in my tank. I am sure however, that there are some E46s on the road that have enough ring and valve/valve seat wear that dropping down to a GOOD (read; NOT CHEAP) mid-grade fuel, would not cause any pre-ignition due to lower compression that the worn rings and valves cause.
Feeling a difference means<nothing, placebo effect! Higher octane has been proven to provide NO increase in hp/tq in numerous dyno tests!
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