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@EmFiftyFour: yes I have to shift. That's the only way to be competitive. Have a look what NASA TT is about. It's not a drag race.

The short answer is I have a secondary transmission cooler.

The long answer...

From Aug 2003 to April 2006, I tracked my car without a secondary transmission cooler. The only time I saw my transmission temp rise during this period was mainly during summer tracking months. Was the car driveable? Yes. Did it go to limp or un-driveable mode? No. I wrote up a bit on what happens to the transmission control program in my blog. So you can read more there. I have data that dates back to Aug 2003 including track and non-track events.

In April 2006 I installed a secondary transmission cooler. The need for it came because as I started to drive faster around the track, the engine and transmission got a little more beating and of course to deal with summer track events.

Since then and until now, the secondary transmission cooler is used depending on track configuration, ambient temp and number_of_shifts/lap ratio. Why so? Testing months (Dec, Jan, Feb) are usually quite cold here and I'd like to avoid a transmission running with less than desired fluid temperature.

That aside, there are several other reasons why your transmission temp will rise even if you have the aux + mech fans under non-track conditions:

1. Faulty transmission thermostat.
2. Faulty transmission heat exchanger.
3. Filthy/clogged up radiator fins.
4. Coolant leak.
5. Transmission fluid leak.
6. Faulty fans.
7. Faulty water pump.
8. Low coolant level.
9. etc...

So given a healthy cooling system to start, the electric fan mod will be fine for your occasional canyon carvings and highway vrooming.

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