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Transmission advice... SMG/6MT

Hello fellow ///M3 owners... recently had serious problems with my transmission (3rd wouldnt go in, was losing 4th completely) checked the gear seat springs, wasnt the problem, and for those who are or were in my shoes i know the feeling...

FML a new 7800 tranny from the dealer?!?
NO Sir!

thats just for the tranny, service not included, tax not included, unless you have a parts tax ID number... which few of us are actually able to obtain (or "know a guy")

well i dont, Know a guy, and didnt have the number either, i thought this was going to seriously put me WAYYYY behind schedule on my mod list... HOWEVER...

not only did i not have to pay 8 grand, i didnt go to the dealer either, i didnt pay 6, 5, or even 4 grand for my new/used transmission...

now, i kno wat most are thinking... Used parts are unreliable, they suck major dong, and blah blah blah, heard it all before...

if ur not "rollin in the dough" like (and excuse my stereotyping) the rest of the middle aged men who own ///M's and jus have the paper to go and just throw out like an old "T" and jus drive their Bimmer... not running it hard, getting some thrill and adrenaline out of ur car... and still would like to have some money left over to continue on ur mod list...
CHECK OUT germanonly on EBAY... i bought a semi-used 45k 6MT tranny from an early '03 M3 for $2200; $2450 total shipped... and are having my shop do the install for $200 bucks! coming to a surprising Total of about $2650-$2700 for a perfectly good 6MT-shipping-and installation...

now i know there are alot of young owners like myself who are like "well FCUK this guy had a shop do it for $200" yea, that is my only advantage here, besides the fact that i cant do it myself seeing as how im in Iraq right now and are having my wife have everything put in motion for me back home... some could save the money on service and DIY, thats cool... some have a guy, thats cool too, and some probably dont trsut their bimmer in the hands of anyone other than a "CERTIFIED BMW TECHNICIAN" or watever...

im not hating on anybody, or tryna be a smarta55 but i did want to let fellow ///M3 owners in on a great deal from a reliable seller on Ebay for WAYYYY Cheaper than you might be able to find it anywhere else... shipped in 4 days... easy plug n play install, and the car runs GREAT. better than ever, it feels LIKE NEW!!

germanonly (also sells SMG trannys, etc.)


selling all sorts of OEM crap we need when our sh1t just breaks down...

+1 germanonly


(this is not a paid ad, or any scam stuff... just tryna give the one up)
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