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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
There's a sweet spot with regard to octane for every engine combination. In general, you need to look at the MON (Motor Octane Number) when comparing fuels, as that's what race fuel is most often designed around.

On an N/A engine with under 11:1 compression, you really aren't going to see gains from octane above 95 MON.

What you will see with most race fuels, is a small gain in HP due to the quality of the fuel's vaporization and burn characteristics.

If you are comfortable spending 4 times the cost of regular pump fuel for say VP Streetblaze 99 to get an additional 3rwhp....go ahead and use it.
Pretty much on target. I run a stock ECU with the Shark Injector and a stock 330 engine in Continental. We have to run Sunoco GTX 260 as Grand-Am requires us to do so. I have dynoed the engine with regular old Sunoco 94 from the pump and what I have to use for Continental. It's around a 3 hp advantage using the GTX 260 at the rear wheels.

The GTX 260 costs me $6.50/gallon. I burn around 100 gallons for a race weekend and run around 12 races per year. As you can see, that 3 hp benefit is pretty expensive.

Here are the specs:
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