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Originally Posted by tiloulou330i View Post
You're right.I didnt like them for being too low(H&R race),too soft and bouncy(B&G S2) but like the drop about a finger gap up front and less than a finger in the rear,With the vogtland i didn't even drive the car seing that they were so low i took them off right away.I like the ride on the prokit but not low enough and feels less corner and lane changing inspired.
I think the GC street/school coilover with a 300+ lbs rate front and 400+ lbs rate rear would fit me best but i can't justify putting close to 2G in coilover.I like Bilstein Pss9 but it seems the spring rates are on the soft side.
If you are being that specific, I'd say save up for the nicer coil-overs with rebound and compression damping adjustment like from Ground Control or TC Kline.

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