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re: MagicWords - I recommend AGAINST enabling the feature. My reasons for this are limited, but here they are:

1. I have a blackberry that supports voice dialling from its contact list very well.
2. I did not (nor do I really know how) transfer any contacts to the parrot.
3. Using the word "HANGUP" to terminate a call only worked about 70-80% of the time.
4. The parrot hears the word "PHONE" or "CALL" or any other word close to that in normal conversation with someone in the car & activates voice dialling.

#4 was happening quite a lot. I didn't immediately link the behaviour to the MagicWords feature until I read delmarco's post about enabling it & thought "damit, I bet that's what's happening". Since I have disabled the feature, the sporadic activations have cleared up.
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