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Originally Posted by Don Nguyen View Post
I thought restating that it was vinyl again was redundant, considering that this entire thread and those threads, are relating/discussing it(vinyl).

I've removed graphics off of my own car after 3-4 years even, without any problems.

Don, what I'm worried about is there's going to be some kind of residue left over that's going to be a PITA to remove. If you could, sometime in the future, get pictures of vinyl that you have removed - it would be great to see so I could have more confidence in this. Gloss black roof, do want. Yes, I will suspect you of putting it on for a week and then pulling it off - so hopefully you can clear that as well. Anyhow, best of luck - I see business is booming.
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dude I'm like still shaking and having mental images.

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