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Originally Posted by TX_Bullet View Post
Yes to YOU 600-700 for a setup is reasonable for you.

Not quite sure about my car falling apart, if I'm not mistaken your car was built by BMW just like mine.

As much as you boost and hack away at your car, I will be looking for the post when it takes a sh*t

And yes I had a H&R Cup kit just like you and took it off because I didn't like the soft ride and excessive rake
nonsense, did you all say RL spring rates are like 300lbs/in... thats a marshmallow ride playa... thats the consensus of all the RL reviews ive read, theyre too soft.

He was comparing suspension, not the cars, dont get bent out of shape or go off topic. Its still just his opinion against all you RL fans, yes he's KPeng, but so fukin what?

i think its safe to say lightly boosting his BMW it will probably still outlast your RL shocks and springs.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
The Snikster posted sexy wiminz here
Do you ride a sportbike?
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