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Originally Posted by Chad e46 View Post
kpeng, it's an opinion and everyone has a right to their opinion and their own choice of what they want to put on their cars. You have to stop being so arrogant and thinking you are the best. You seriously need to kick it down a notch. I respect some of your opinions and keep my mouth shut at others, but really this thread and opinion of yours was unnecessary.
If you say everyone has a right to their opinion, then I have a right to mine as well. What's so arrogant about posting this thread? Is it any worse than someone boasting about their Racelands or talking about what a disaster it turned out to be?

Anyone who wants to run these coilovers, by all means, I'm not your daddy. But this is just a forewarning, that's all. I just do not see one single justifiable reason to get this kit.
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