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Originally Posted by royceyokono View Post
well, can't knock someone for wanting to try Racelands, this forum definitely sparked my curiosity over them. Which is why when i bought the RL's, i bought them solely with the intent to satisfy my curiosity. Because at the time, i was riding on a 4 month old h&r sport cup kit and loved it. And in the end, tried the RLs for a week and went back with my cup kit.
I agree, I see it as if you can afford to get something like a cup kit then why not. If you wanna save some money and go low the RL's are a good alternative. Especially to aftermarket springs and OEM shocks.

Obviously the soft springs are not ideal for a performance head but if you're in to auto-x and tracking and you're looking at RL's and trying to save money then you are in the wrong hobby.

Anyone who auto-x's and tracks needs to know that there are no cutting corners to achieve their desired performance but at the same time people need to understand that running RL's is not gonna cause you to die unless they are installed wrong and that is a proven fact (not the death part but the result of something failing due to faulty installation). People running RL's who daily drive their car and are not in to that kind of stuff will tell you they do their job just fine.

What I find funny is the people who talk so high of their "track" suspension and only actually use it on a track 3x's a year and the reality is they're probably not even hitting the full capabilities of that suspension and probably could achieve the same performance on a cup kit. It's the driver not the suspension but then again the more money you spend the better you have to be right!?!? Or you're a pretty cool cat at the least
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