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Originally Posted by HardPark'd TT;1146239[B

I was making fun of everyone who jumps on the "Lets hate RL because its cheaper than the stuff we all boast about but have never used personally" [/B]

Lets be real 90% of the people that suggest products like H&R, Bilstein, KW etc have never used all that stuff. Maybe one product from one company but the rest is just hear say and not personal experience. The same should apply here. The people running RL's are the ones that should post reviews on if they're good or bad. Not some internet fanboy that is trying to keep his god status....
I'm 95% sure you're not referring to me, but if you are, I'll edit this to respond.
Originally Posted by HardPark'd TT View Post
That post was srs bzns. All troof.
Didn't catch the sarcasm, sorry.
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