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Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
I am not familiar with your urban gangsta reference. However, yes, proof is on the way. A reputable suspension tuning company performed tests on a set of your beloved coilovers. Results will be posted soon. There are a few fanatics on here that can attest to that.
Why are you making sh!t up? I never said I liked them.
I'll love or hate them when I see prove that they are unsafe or have a manufacturers defects which do not meet safety standards. Telling me that they ride like crap ( rear shocks are too soft and bouncy ) isn't considered defective, we know they ride like crap, everything will when dropped to the ground.

Because I think thats your point right? You think because they're cheap > they're unsafe and or have defects which do not meet safety standards, right?

Until you have something to contradict this, they're great for what they are.
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