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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
Ok, so i has a 328i 5sp, and i basically got a free M5 clutch kit, i think e34. id have to double check.
and i know the E36 guys used to match the m5 clutch with a certain pressure plate and flywheel with good results.
I also understand that my gearbox is basically a carryover unit form the E36 and thus im thinking it most likely uses the same damn clutch.

Now remember, its a free clutch kit, so dont give me the buy the right clutch crap. Ive been told the clutch disc for sure will fit and work, but is it possible to use the flywheel and pressure plate, or maybe just the pressure plate, and then just get a OEM flywheel?

Has anyone done this, to an E46 or even an E36, can you guys tell me what worked on the E36 and what id need, and maybe i can try with my E46 5sp.
I have some experience with this recently, but Im not sure I completely understand what you are asking.

As far as I understand, you have an M5 clutch disc and pressure plate, and want to know which flywheel you can use?
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