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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
so confusing. im gonna call UUC tomorrow. if the flywheel is affordable i'll keep it, otherwise im selling it, and buying a basic sachs kit, im not running serious power mods anyway.
Maybe I can clarify for you?

The diameter of all the flywheels are the same, because of this, all you have to worry about is if the pressure plate will actually bolt to the flywheel because of the pins (the "bolt hole patterns" are different on all these flywheels).

The M5 pressure plate will not bolt up to an E46 5 speed flywheel.

I believe the M5 pressure plate will bolt up to an E36 5 speed flywheel.

To summarize: the flywheels are interchangeable, but the bolt patterns are different, so you need to use a matching flywheel and pressure plate combination so they will bolt together.
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