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Originally Posted by 1999black323i View Post
seee i have no idea what you are talking about.... i figured im just buying some metal tubes that are all bent and weird looking and have my mechanic instal them and it would be awesome.... haha
Ok. Well a CEL (check engine light) Since stock exhaust manifold have built in cats (catalytic converters), your going to get a code concerning the cats which creates a bottle neck effect that reduces flow. Now the headers your going to buy don't have built in cats so your car is going to throw a code that basically says the cats are broken. So what the O2 simulator does is trick the computer into thinking that the cats are still there even though there not. Getting rid of the CEL. If your any bit mechanically inclined install the headers your self. Cuz your going to play triple the amount of the headers to get them installed then you actaully paid for them and there a great DIY guide on here that a basic walk through of what you need. PM me if you have any questions.
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