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Originally Posted by Rob43 View Post
When beating on an E36, going off track (hard) or missing a shift, hopefully no damage, the ECU Never gets upset & goes into limp mode. The E46 has more difficulty with this, there's a much greater chance that the ECU will go into limp mode, wrecking that session or race for you.
I'm only a single data point, but I've never had this issue or heard of it.
Originally Posted by Rob43 View Post
SpeedD, the reason for swapping out rotors is because your street pads have impregnated the rotors with there "material".
Also you can get rotors dirt cheap($55 fronts and $30 rears), I've got $35 front rotors on my car now.

If you put your money in the right places, stay on top of preventative maintenance, and do a thorough pre-track inspection 330's can be incredibly reliable. I can't remember missing a session or race in the past 5ish years.
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