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Originally Posted by TAAXED View Post
Nice bottle of SRF Stephen! I wonder who took the other bottle haha

Dwayne, how long have you been using the DS3000s on the road? I used to just leave them in my car but they squeal way too much in warmish weather or after a few stops...

Have you heard about Solid brake guides? They're meant to significantly reduce the squealing from track pads to manageable levels for street driving...

I'm planning to go back to a more hardcore pad with these and also some titanium backing plates!!
Running for 1.5 weeks now. Besides road trips a few times a year and half a dozen track days a year, the BMW would be lucky to see 40km a month on the road so having it sound like a HQ holden when I put the brakes on doesn't worry me too much.

Having said that, when I get 30 minutes the wheels are coming off and the OEM's are going back in so I don't waste the pads.

Keen to hear what you think of them when you get them in.

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