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Thumbs Up MVRK's Interior Trim Cloth Wrap DIY

So sometimes you just get tired of the old interior trim. And that means you have to either replace it, paint it, wrap it in CF, or a fabric. Fabric lets you have something that is both unique and has texture.

DISCLAIMER: you fvck up its not on me.

3M Super 77
1 yard of fabric (2 if you are doing c pillars as well)

Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
scissors - sharp and small is nice too.
several flat clean surfaces.

So first we need to do a test run.


1. cut a small piece of fabric
2. scotchgaurd it
3. stick it onto something you dont care about
4. let it dry

5. Visual inspection - is anything staining, does the glue make it look wrong, is it bleeding ect.....
6. try water test and the rub test, no pigment should come off on your hand.

so if everything is good we can move on to the wrap.

STEP A: Scotchgaurd everything
1. place the whole sheet of fabric on the floor or a large table
2. give it 3/4 light coats of gaurd
3. Let it dry

STEP B: Wrapping Trim pieces

1. Pull trim pieces
2. wash with soap and water, get all the armor all/finger oil and everything else off the pieces
3. take them to a table with fabric, cut a piece of fabric around the trip piece with plenty of spare room

4. take to a separate clean surface and place the trim, trim side up, spray it with super 77 from about 12 inches with quick strokes(basically same technique as spray paint)
5. take your strip and place it on the glue part
6. VERY IMPORTANT: immediately stretch/rub it smooth. make sure there are no bubble or wrinkles while the glue is still wet.
a. this is easy to do on all the pieces except the long curved one in front of the passenger. what you need to do here is cut a large piece and start from the left, go about 3 inches and make a cut from the edge of the fabric to about a centimeter away from the trim piece. this will allow the fabric to "bend" w/o causing bubbles.
b. The trick to corners is this. wrap like you would a present. so you get this triangular thing sticking up with fabric stuck to itself. then simply snip it off. that way there is a great perfect corner, but no material sticking up in the back. that you are all flush and even on the other side, flip the trim piece.
8. fold the fabric over and use the scissors to trim the fabric in such a way that it will only wrap around the edge a little,and doesn't get in the way of the pegs. When wrapping the shifter piece, you will need to cut to the corners of the holes for the switches and scissors. it is important that your wrap as close to the corners as possible to avoid bunching and so the switches fit.

9. spray the backside with super 77
10. wrap the trim around and let it stick to the back of the trim
11. look over your work and rewrap if necessary.
12. reinstall everything in the car and enjoy.

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