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SpeedDemon asked me to chime in. First, Red Line being focused on being thin and producing power is a little off. Viscosity is measured and what you are buying is exactly on the label. We (BimmerWorld) often choose to go with a lower viscosity on our racecars with Red Line and we can get away with it because it does have better lubricating properties than many of the other oils in the market. Additionally, the ZDDP package prevents wear, and it has excellent anti-foam and compressibility characteristics that work well with the dual vanos engines.

For most cars, we recommend a slightly higher weight for track use. In that environment, the temps are higher and especially on a hydraulic lifter engine, you usually need the extra viscosity to keep the lifters pumped up. For the M54 on our chart, it is a 5W40. In our racecars, we have been using mostly a straight 40WT in both the M54 and N52 which is similar but requires that we warm the engine up.
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