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My Ride: BMW 330ci
I discovered this oiling sensitivity in the M54 during our last lapping day in September 2009.
I pushed my 330ci very hard and ended up having valve thicking.
I was running 5W30 oil. I did a couple of search and now I have a much better idea what I have to do to extend the life of my engine. I will run a 5W40 oil + 0.5l over regular line.

Just another interesting information regarding oil viscosity. On Dodge Viper's V10 engine the red line is around 5500rpm. If we use a too thick oil we end up with valve floating and burned valves ...

The problem is to find 5W40 in the local store ... Basically they only have 5w30 and 5w50 on the shelf.

Any opinion about Amsoil's 5W40 oil ?

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