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For Coupe Owners:

I noticed a few unique things when installing my driver's side edge protector yesterday:

1. The edge protector does not come split in half like in this DIY. It is one continuous piece which can make the install more of a pain to ensure everything lines up and the seal is perfect.
2. There is no long, thin rubber cord that needs to be taken out before installation. That's a plus!
3. Your kick plate has an annoyingly vast amount of attachment points: 8 on each side. DO NOT USE PLIERS TO TAKE THEM OUT, THEY WILL BREAK OFF AND FALL INTO THEIR HOLES. Use a clip extraction tool.
4. You must take your A-pillar off (Take off the HPS strip to reveal three T20 bolts, real easy to take off) to gain access to a two wire plug that connects to your side airbag system. I unhooked my battery for this step and waited one minute just in case. Unhook the wire and your old edge protector will come off. Make sure to hook up your new edge protector to the airbag during installation.

Good luck!

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