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Cool Expansion tank Problem/Solution???

I also have had tank woes. Just bought the car and it was low on coolant. Added coolant and noticed fluid around the top of the tank. At first i assumed it was a crack along the top seam or the cap. So i ordered a new tank and cap. Replaced that and filled her back up with coolant (trying to be very careful about over filling). A few hundred miles later my light comes on again, coolant showing in the same spots, doesnt appear to be from the cap, it appears to be from the seam along the top where the top piece connects with the lower part of the tank.
What i dont understand is that if there is a failure at the top of the tank that means that the level of coolant under operation is near the very top. Thus even if i had a rock solid tank it would build up so much pressure that it would explode.

1: Same failure in the same spot on both tanks.
2: Failure somewhere else in the system such that the coolant level under operation is abnormally high, and i just got lucky that it cracked at the top.
3: I am missing something that would cause a de de deeee moment.

1: Take the first tank and reinforce it with fiberglass, dont want to keep buying these things forever.
2: Poke around in the beautiful spring weather under the hood and see if maybe i left the pressure release valve open, test with cap on tight, at temp...... ect
3: Have another beer and read everyones criticisms

Please let me know what you guys think.
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