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Originally Posted by djdonis View Post
I did change rear and front wheel bearings this week. One question though for the OP, how did you reinstall front bearing rear seal cover. In your writeup you "gently tap it out" with the punch. It looks like it is "permanent press" type of cover and requires to be properly seated before hub installation. Or maybe it is pushed by the bearing into the proper position during installation?

I tried all kinds of things to get that seal into the place, could not get it %100, so I just figured I will push the hub in and it will push the seal cover into place. So far so good, no rubbing.
^ Congrats on completing the jobs.

To answer your question... I just cleaned up the rear dust covers and pushed them on by hand and they seemed to go all the way on without having to tap/straighen them up with a drift to get them all the way seated.
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