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Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post
I'm liking your idea, a lot cheaper then replacing the trim, thanks!

My only concern would be that after a while I'd get tired of the look and want to change it up, does the 3M super 77 set up real solid or do you think you could peel off the fabric and use something like WD40, Goo Gone etc to remove the glue residue thus returning the trim to its previously appearance?

I might just have to try it on some scrap platic and give it a shot....
It peels off pretty easily, however i do not know if you will be able to return it to the original finish, its possible but it would take quite a bit of goo gone and a lot of creditcard scraping.

my suggestion is if you get bored, wrap it in something else, or sand it and spray it.
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