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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
dude he got more dumb over the past couple years...

if you watch the old episodes, its amazing how the characters grew into themselves.

Kevin especially... He sounds like he had a stroke once every year, gets worse in time lol

I don't like that Creed has the smallest part... seriously he was retarded creepy in the beginning years, but the past few seasons his character and awkwardness was spot on

lol.... how about when jim was co-manager and dwight planted the microphone in his office.... jim finds out, pulls andy in the office, and plays loud opera music that way dwight can't hear what they are saying

creed starts to fill up because of how "beautiful" the song it ROFLLLLLLLLLLL


creed is definitely a little shady.

that time they all played the murder mystery game during work and creed came in late for the day. he walks into the meeting room, and Michael tells him, that they found a dead body or something and they're figuring out who the culprit is. Creed quickly excuses himself saying he has to get something, and instead runs back to his car, and drives off....
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