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Originally Posted by bmwti View Post
creed is definitely a little shady.

that time they all played the murder mystery game during work and creed came in late for the day. he walks into the meeting room, and Michael tells him, that they found a dead body or something and they're figuring out who the culprit is. Creed quickly excuses himself saying he has to get something, and instead runs back to his car, and drives off....

there was another time, i don't recall exactly what it was, but I think it was the episode where michael sent out the 10% coupons but didn't specify one per order....

so when they said that the delivery went to their biggest company and they are going to lose x amount of dollars, the cameras cut to creed and all he says is

"that truck was never supposed to make it to that delivery"


was that the case? i have a feeling i am mixing episodes up....
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