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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
Werd... Kevin is dumber now. His voice kind of bothers me.

I do like Kelly's transformation, but I think they should involve Creed a bit more with the episodes.

Also, I really hate Jim now. He started to become serious before he became co-manager and even after that, his attitude is completely diferent now. Looking back at the early episodes, he was a really funny guy, but now he is really lame.

I also read somewhere that John kraimnotgoingtotryandspellhisnamezinzki is a real jerk in real life so that kind of ruined it for me too.

Thank god for Andy
dude i LOVE doing kevin impressions lol....

agreed, creed needs moaar

kelly.... eh... she has some good lines but shes a ditz lol

jim.... he made me almost uncomfortable last week when he was trying to get pam to go to the hospital.... especially after the conference room "distraction" meeting

i still like him tho, he is more serious but he still fights with dwight all day long.... lol quad-desk, that was pure old school jim right here

andy...... lol i can't believe he still went to erin's house the way he walked to his car when jo told him to go home last week was fvcking PRICELESS

ryan is a jerk now.... cocky little bastard, and he dresses like you wes
no one picks on him anymore
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