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I have a bunch of them actually.

I have one that is huge with rollers that stores all my handguns and ammo with foam cutouts for the range/SHTF and one that is yellow without foam for supplies.

I will try to find numbers.

1650 seems to be in my head.

yea, 1650 and 1600s.

The 1650 is bigger than it looks online. Full of pistols and ammo, it weighs a ton and is huge but it has wheels and I have a Suburban.

All of our jewelry, paperwork, passports, etc are in 2 gal ziplocks in the safe, throw in the yellow case and go.

Each of my cars has a pretty good kit in it already, so my hurricane stuff is in totes with my generator in the garage if we are staying here.

So basically, if SHTF, we yank the bags out of the safe, fill the 1650 with pistols (ammo and mags are already in it for pistols and rifles), grab the yellow 1600 for supplies, grab the rifles, load the Suburban and go.



here is the EMT 1600 in orange (mine is yellow with no foam or dividers)
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