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Glad to hear it is working out for you guys... Seems some of you all really have a strong handle on things.

Since I started this thread my fiance got laid off (she was an accountant), but with her determination and skills I told her she should do something she likes to do somewhat in the meantime while she waits for the accounting job she wants to pop up. She now waits tables at a restaurant and actually makes close to what she made in accounting!!!!

My car balance is about $10.7k for the Saturn, so if I, or her, get laid off, we can do a fire sale of the car and not be upside down! That alone is a nice relief. We are holding off on retirement investing until it is paid for. I've decided that I want to do something I love to do, so I'm working on buying materials bit-by-bit to start a small business. I've bought everything using cash, so hopefully by this summer I can start marketing my services to customers and get started.
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