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You say you can afford a 135i or an e92 and you are making payments on an e46, that makes no sense. I mean with that logic, I can afford a new M6 but it really makes more sense to drive a car that is paid for.

And for those that say the most important thing is maintenance, I have to disagree. The MOST important thing is for you to stop being in debt. And please try to get out of the trap of having car payments your whole life.

EDIT: Of course your car will last another 8 years, but I somehow doubt you would still be interested in it then.
Myself, I definitely plan on having my 330i for another 8 years, but it is no longer my only car. It is nice having a backup, even though it is Japanese. I find the Subaru to be a very good compliment to the e46.

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