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All Really Great Advise!

Wow! All really great advise on here!

But I have decided to keep it. It is just the smarter choice for me, and like I said, "I love my car." So if I have my way I want to keep it till I die...

But I still wouldn't mind having one of those nice lil 135i's, but the truth of the matter is I can't afford it properly at this time...
The smart choice is for me to pay it off asap( 1year!) Then put my money in mods...and hopefully by the time I'm 20 my credit score will be great as well as my income and maybe upgrade?
But for now I think it is a good choice for me to stick with it...

I mean I have another option my mom did offer to take over my payments, and well she keeps the car for herself and I drive well a lil beater truck...
But I jut figure that hey I have a nice car right now and there is no way I can get another one even if it was another E46 anytime soon...
So by the time I'm 20 I'm sure I'll be settled in.

As far as the maintenance thing goes for my car that really isn't an issue with the whole mechanic thing my buddy and I are well pretty good at dealing with things ourselves! Only problem with the maintenance is well the $$$ for part! Oh and I would say that I'm pretty safe on my whole transmission car is a stick!

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