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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
u have an 03 or an 04 coupe?

good luck - after reading this thread i went back and looked at all my invoices - repair work - some under warranty some not -

i dumped a lot of money in the car - and some more stuff to come - pads/rotors, water pump, etc.

all said though - i'm happy

really if u can avoid modding at all - do it - once u get one mod u just can't stop.
I have a 2001 330ci Stick...I know my username is well misleading...
As far as the mods go already have:
1. M3 Front Bumper
2. Matte Black Exterior Trim
3. Black Headlight Trim
4. Dice Silverline
5. Red Needles

My maintenance:
1. Spark Plugs
2. Fuel Filter
3. Oil Change (need to do one again)

Things I need:
1.Tires- there bald!
2. Quoted $80.00-$150.00 (which is cheap) to get my DSC and Brake and ABS and Cruise Control working again...
3. Alignment-$80.00 4 wheel...
4. I need a new Fuel pump..

That's all I can think of for now...thank god!
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