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Originally Posted by lilbimmer View Post
dmax you are correct in your description. Sorry for the confusion regarding left and right. Just curious as to the issues this potential DISA leak can cause. Loss of power/torque or idle issues? As for the spark plug issues, I changed all of them at my last service in November. Could problems be happening already?

Edit: Just came from AA and they tested my battery and told me my charge was low (350v when it should be 850v).
Can't really comment on issues a faulty or leaky DISA would have, but know you'll find tons of info from searching.

On the battery, if you think you can trust the alcoholics to diagnose your battery, then probably time for a new one...another simple repair! Sorry!

Also, while I'm picking on you, I suspect the 350 vs. 850 is CCA, or cold cranking our batteries only put out 12 or minus. More when running and alt. is charging it...think then it should read 14 something.

Anyway, I also wouldn't be surprised if some of your issues relate to low voltage from battery. Wouldn't be the first time a low battery has caused all kinds of issues...and many sensors need the right power to signal the right things...mostly a guess, OP, but one based on years of experience...just no specific knowledge! Again, sorry!

BTW, I like the idea of trying to tighten DISA...just check torque specs and don't go crazy. If you don't have a Bentley, write back and I'll see what it says...or also search here...some guy posted a torque spec for everything in our car not long ago. What a great place...huh?

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