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Originally Posted by shady3one3 View Post
God. I've had enough of this. The next person who PM's me about posting the dyno results is getting a raceland strut shoved up their ass.

For the last time:

The materials and construction look perfectly safe. The welds aren't the prettiest, but they seem structurally sound.

Right to left the shocks and springs matched one another within an acceptable spec, consistent with other brands in the market.

The shocks are very, very soft. Softer than what was on file for e46 m3 shocks.

The springs are way too stiff for the shocks.

The combination of those two things = car will just bounce up and down on the springs. Which is no fun for ride quality, and certainly terrible for performance.

If you could get springs that were close to oem rates, the Racelands are probably a perfectly safe alternative for people with blown OEM suspension who don't want to spend much to replace it, and still have a nice drop.

They are simply not a performance upgrade.

I will post the graphs later.

Unlike the Chase's in this thread, I have seen the kit, held the shocks in my hand, seen the dyno. They are generic shock bodies, just like what all cheap suspension companies use. Using those makes production costs cheap, and involves virtually no R&D. The only difference between these and the other garbage cheap kits (DDM, FK, ST, whatever else) is that they are super soft.

For those of you that have Raceland and are saying the ride is close to stock - your stock suspension must have been blown, or you don't know what you're talking about.

For anyone who thinks this off the shelf kit is going to improve the handling or performance of your car, its not.

And finally, no I would never put these on any of my cars. I wouldn't put any of the cheap coilovers on my car though. I tell people all the time that the cheapest coilover I feel safe in recommending is the Tein Basic. But hey, Seth and I have about $6000 worth of suspension parts on our e46's so thats just me.

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