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the model T was recently restored, all orig parts, and it runs like a top, its very..

reliable. Its enjoy max's out at 25 HP . It runs of coils, and can be started by a crank. It is very prehistoric, its before the days of manual shiift (the model a i'm building is the first manual car). The model t is 2 levers by the wheel that are the spark and the acceleration, and it has 3 pedals. Brakes, Reverse, and FWD. Theres a lever going through the floor but its only for shifting the car into "high" and enabling the parking brake, there's no shifting lever like on a manual. You shift into high by releasing the gas and thrusting the lever forward , then pounding the gas again. The car probably tops at 35 mph, and is very smooth.
hah its truly a MECHANICAL machine////
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