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Originally Posted by intense1 View Post
Hi! Thanks for reading, this is my second post on this forum. I just got an '02 325i and it needs a clutch. I got the car because I want to start doing autoX, but I'm not sure of the rules. I think I'm going to be in stock or street touring. I read thru the rules on the SCCA webpage, but it wasn't clear to me if I could but a better than stock clutch in and still be compliant with the rules.
Thanks for the help!

just checked the rules for stock class

light weight flywheel is out but an upgraded clutch is fine provided the material is close to the stock material... no 4 or 6 puck clutches... has to be circular... i am one to follow rules, but i don't think an upgraded clutch is really going to give you a significant advantage in an autox and it is not easy to verify. go with what you want to lol.

Alternate components which are normally expendable and considered
replacement parts (e.g., engine and wheel bearings, seals, gaskets,
fi lters, belts, bolts, bulbs, batteries, brake rotors, clutch discs, pressure
plates, suspension bushings, drivetrain mounts, etc.) may be used provided
they are essentially identical to the standard parts (e.g. have the
same type, size, hardness, weight, material etc.), are used in the same
location, and provide no performance benefit.
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