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Originally Posted by azzy989 View Post
you're running SCCA solo 2 right?

for a stock car, your actual class would be D stock provided you are 'stock' according to their rules. there are a few differences between a 'stock class' and 'street touring class' (ST)

stock class can run racing compound tires but they need to be mounted on the stock wheels, or the wheel needs to be same diameter and width as the stock wheel. modifications are very limited... off the top of my head, you can run a catback exhaust, aftermarket dampers and a front sway bar. nothing else...

ST class allows for a larger range of modifications. you can do pretty much any suspension mod. coilovers, f & r sway bars, camber plates, camber arms ETC ETC. the only rule about it is you cannot use spherical bearings in place of bushings. bushings can be upgraded to any stiffer material but the use of a solid/metal bushing is prohibited.....

NOW the advantage to ST is it is a street tire class, any tire with a treadwear rating of 140 and above is allowed. cars with racing compounds and a good driver of course have a bit more of an advantage than a car on street tires. the suspension modifications make ST kind of a ridiculous class to be in even though it is a street tire class....

having said that, there is another class that you could be in where you can be a bit more competitive. this class is A-Tire (AT). This is basically stock class but on street tires. that will help even the playing field a bit. when you register, your car will be classed as a "D-stock" car and then your sub class would be AT...

hope that helps some. let me know if you have any questions.

EDIT: a friend of mine told me that AT is a local class and it's availability will vary from chapter to chapter.... check to see if the hawaii chapter has it... if not i say run D-stock

Thanks! Super informative. BTW, what front bumper do you have? I have the regular one with the tiny fog lights and I don't like it.
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