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Originally Posted by burnhamd View Post
Any Idea why the connects 2 loom uses pin 17 on radio harness?

I also think that maybe one of the relays on the connects 2 could be used to produce the tel on signal.
does the connects2 kit actually use pin 17 for anything? or is it just a loop through? all pins are simply looped through as far as i remember, except for the ones it talks to ie IBUS and MUTE and the ones it switches ie the speaker cables.

i checked out all of the relays in the connects2 box, and i couldnt find a suitable signal for tel-on.

the tel on signal is simply the inverse of the mute signal.

so when a call comes in

the mute cable goes from 0v to 12v to mute the radio

the tel-on cable needs to do the opposite, go from 12v to 0v when a call comes in. this is what i used the transistor 'inverting' switch for.

you may have more luck finding one on the relays than me tho.
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