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champ222 - can you explain in more detail what you did/modified with the Connects2 box? It's the CTPPAR007 correct? If you have Parrot ck3000 anf Connects2 007 that should work just as is. It mutes the radio and it powers directly the front speakers for a phone call.

I have this setup, but I have an issue that I am hearing faintly some 'amp hiss' and slight ground/engine hum over the front speakers. I hear this even when the radio unit is off. I believe this is the Parrot amp sending this "noise" to the front speakers. Unfotunately, during qiet segments of music listening, this 'noise' can be heard slightly in the background. At higher volumes it can't be heard but it means the music is not as clear as it previously was. So this 'noise' is constanly feeding to the front speakers, then the relays in the Connects2 box allow the music through (or not) depending if in a call or not.

The Parrot works great but has introduced slight noise into my audio :-(

Any thoughts?
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